Wood Finishing Department

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a coating method of wood imitation that allows for the decoration of aluminum and other material able to withstand 200oC. This method perfectly responds to the combination of classic aesthetics and realistic imitation, as well as high endurance and timeless result and protection.

Advantages of Sublimation

The final product, aluminum imitating wood, compared to other materials (wood, plastic), proves to have high endurance in time without demanding maintenance, while combining the advantages of new technologies with the timeless presence of wood in professional and domestic spaces.

  • Offers protection against UV radiation and humidity.

  • Easily and effectively cleaned with plain water or mild cleansers.

  • Application is environmentally friendly, producing no waste and exempting from the use of hard emissions.

  • Wood Finishing gives the opportunity for a variety of pattern arrangements of any form, either that of hue or texture.

Sublimation Procedure

The procedure of sublimation is quite similar to that of powder coating but for two additional stages:

The coated surfaces from the powder coating processes are transferred to the sublimation department and are wrapped with a special printed film (thermosensitive film) in the color and pattern of the wood. In heat and in a vacuum, the color and the grains of the wood are captured. Finally, the film residue is removed, classifying them ready for use.

Applications of Sublimation

The most common uses for the unique decorative coating: frames, doors, rollers, screens, shading systems, pergolas.

  • iso9001
  • iso14001
  • iso450012018
  • iso50001
  • qualicoat
  • qualideco
  • qualisteal

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