Our vision is to be pioneers in metal surface treatment and industry’s first choice.


Providing certified, high quality service according to international standards in both Greek and International markets by cultivating a modern business culture based on innovation, employee development and well-being, mutually beneficial customer relationships and ecological conscience.


Professionalism, we provide our services with diligence, honesty and excellence.

Respect towards our people, our partners and nature

Passion and enthusiasm for continuous improvement and new challenges.

Teamwork. Our success stems from collaboration. Each individual effort strengthens our team.



Foundation of Electrovam by the Iliadis Brothers


The company moves to a privately owned building of 2500 m2 , in I.A. Oreokastro, where it still based today with machines unprecedented for the time and a state-of-the-art production line for electrostatic painting of iron products.


The company expands with a new aluminum electrostatic painting unit, in a newly built 2500m2 building.


The growth of the company continues with the installation of the third coating line of wood finishing coating in a new 1000m2 building.


Installation of a 500kW photovoltaic system on the roofs of the company's building.


The second generation takes over the management of the company, continuing the development and the economic growth.


Upgrade of mechanical equipment with ne state-of-the-art apparatus in the aluminum coating unit, offering maximum quality results and increase in production capacity.


Installation of mechanical equipment consisted of a new coating cabin within the steel coating department, rendering it the most state-of-the-art unit in Northern Greece, offering the highest quality results and exceeding the production capacity data so far.

Who We Are

In 1983, Iliadis Brothers, having had experience in the expertise of electrostatic coating since 1977, establish Electrovam in Thessaloniki, its main occupation involving electrostatic coating of iron and aluminum.

The company has been operating for 35 years in privately owned premises of 6.000 m 2 . By means of continuing investments in state-of-the-art equipment, facilities, productive procedure and human resources, the company has emerged as one of the biggest units of coating in Greece and the Balkans.

Through a strict selection of raw materials, developed procedures of production and ISO Certificates, the company offers quality solutions to all of our customers’ needs, with fast shipping and high quality services. In our facilities there are three independently operating units of electrostatic coating: Steel, Aluminum and Wood Finishing.

The Aluminum coating unit can assist the coating of 20 tons of aluminum daily, while the unit of Steel coating covers any customer’s quantitative requirement, due to its robotic systems of production, which render it one of the biggest units of iron coating in the Balkans.

Electrovam functions entirely environmentally friendly and with respect to the eco-system, since the beginning of its establishment, the company has been applying systems of waste chemical cleaning and recycling of industrial materials, according to the environmental legislation.

The company engages over 60 employees, emphasizes on the best working and safety conditions for the staff and produces products of high requirements and specifications with certificates.

The company offers quality
solution to every customer's need

The company offers quality solution to every customer's need

Environmental Protection

Electrovam has been operating friendly and with respect towards the environment since its establishment. All production units are equipped with special filters for holding all powder, resulting in zero emission to the environment.

Two industrial waste chemical filtering complexes are in operation, both for the Steel Dept. and the Aluminum Dept. Both systems are fully controlled reassuring the complete protection of nature according to the current Greek legislation.

The industrial waste that is produced in each unit is delivered to certified disposal companies. Also, the paper, nylon and film of wood finishing that are gathered from everyday operation are delivered for recycling.


Chemical Lab

Quality has always played a definite role in Electrovam. Therefore, we invest in continuous quality checks providing required laboratory equipment, so that we are 100% sure about the excellence of our result.





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