Powder Coating

What is powder coating? 

Powder coating is the coating of metals (aluminum, steel etc.) with special resins (powder) to achieve anti-corrosion protection and surface coloring. 

The appropriate chemical and mechanical preparation of the surface, along with the correct application of the resins, result in a greatly durable finishing.

Coating every side and all indentations of the object there appears to be a remarkable decrease in the percentages of corrosion throughout the year, specifically on metal surfaces since it delays oxidation.

Advantages of Powder Coating

  • High endurance under indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Consistency of color
  • Evenly distributed aesthetic result
  • Vast variety of colors
  • Environmentally friendly procedures
  • Solutions for every project’s requirements

Powder coating procedure

The process of powder coating is implemented in three steps:

  • Purification: In appropriate baths, special chemicals are used to cleanse and remove pollutants from the object’s surface and in doing so, anti-corrosion protection and the resin’s adhesion is ensured.
  • Coating: The charged powder is sprayed through a coating gun covering the surface evenly.
  • Solidification: Following the resin’s application, the objects are taken to the curing ovens and in a temperature of 180-220OC polymerization takes place creating a protective layer of powder achieving the color’s stability.

Certified Procedure

Electrovam has been certified from the Aluminium Association of Greece with the official certificates of Qualicoat and Qualisteelcoat for the aluminum and steel departments respectively. As a result, updated practices have been adopted and applied, in order to provide high quality products and services.
Electrovam’s production lines operate based on the environmental management system, through which the environmental footprint of its processes is limited.

Iron Powder Coating Department

Aluminium Powder Coating Department

Our latest investment, a state-of-the-art powder coating chamber, gives us the opportunity for:

  • Lengthy color duration
  • Increased production capacity
  • Unmatched quality and finishing consistency
  • Environmentally friendly procedure

Applications of Powder Coating

Electrovam has a coating capacity of aluminum up to 7,5 meters long. Indicatively, some of the applications are:

Frames, doors, roller shutters, screens, shading systems, pergolas, railings, shop fittings, storage systems, medical equipment, metal furniture, office furniture, lighting fixtures, cast fittings, lighting columns, playgrounds, air conditioning applications, metal trash cans, metal railings and many other countless applications.

  • iso9001
  • iso14001
  • iso450012018
  • iso50001
  • qualicoat
  • qualideco
  • qualisteal

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