ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Staying true to our mission, the provision of high quality services to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, we implement the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015.
In particular, Electrovam adheres to the seven quality management principles on which ISO 9001 is based:

  • Customer-centric management
  • Management involvement and commitment
  • Employee participation
  • Standard procedures
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Decisions based on facts and statistics
  • Relationship Management between all parties involved

The high level of quality, immediacy and reliability with which Electrovam’s customers are served, is a constant value of the company and at the same time its commitment to continuous upgrading and modernization of its services.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system

In its effort to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible by understanding its obligation to deliver a sustainable future to the next generations, Electrovam has developed and implements an Environmental Management system according to ISO 14001:2015.

The relevant certification was obtained from the Inspection and Certification Organization TÜV Austria Hellas.

Electrovam implements:

  1. Reduction of waste management costs
  2. Saving energy consumption
  3. Saving in the consumption of raw materials and other resources
  4. Improving environmental performance
  5. Compliance with environmental legislation and regulations (at national and European level)
  6. Reducing the risk of environmental damage
  7. Achieving environmental goals

By following a course of sustainable development and aiming at the rational use of natural resources (with the ultimate goal of minimizing the negative effects on the Environment), Electrovam contributes in this way to the wider upgrading of the country in the field of the environment.

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Safety and health at work is a fundamental and non-negotiable human right and is of utmost importance and priority for Electrovam. With the standard Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to ISO 45001:2018, Electrovam implements:

  • Reduction in the number and severity of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Reduction of lost time from work accidents while simultaneously increasing the productivity of the business.
  • Systematic approach to risk assessment and risk management.
  • Better working conditions and improved staff morale.
  • Minimization or elimination of the possibility of legal violations.
  • Full compatibility with other quality standards.
  • Ability to deal with emergencies.
  • Increase of trust and solvency within the business in matters of H&S.
  • Quick corrective action.
  • Definition of responsibilities for all involved personnel.

By implementing the requirements of the new standard, the organization is able to provide a safe environment for its staff, as well as its visitors, with a focus on the prevention of work-related illnesses and accidents.

ISO 50001:2018 – Energy Management System

We act in a sustainable way, contributing to environmental and climate protection as well as saving resources.
Our company received the ISO 50001 certification which focuses on the continuous improvement of energy efficiency and requires, in addition to the system specifications, mainly the following:

  • The establishment of an appropriate energy policy
  • The determination of energy aspects/needs and identification of energy improvement opportunities
  • The determination of legal and other requirements regarding the energy aspects of the organization
  • The definition of specific objectives and goals regarding the efficient use of energy, the implementation of which is completed by the implementation of systematic energy management programs
  • The establishment of an organizational structure for the effective implementation of an Energy Management System.

The ISO 50001 standard for Energy Management is an important management tool, it is based on the methodology of the Deming principle “Plan – Execute – Control – Improve” and its application aims to establish the required processes that will lead to optimal energy performance.


Electrovam was awarded by the Aluminium Association of Greece with the award of the Quality Mark “Qualicoat Seaside Class” which offers the highest anti-corrosion protection to the painted surface of aluminum in urban and seaside environments.

Electrovam’s production process governed by this Quality Mark in combination with high-quality organic coatings in a wide variety of shades, ensures the highest possible anti-corrosion protection and resistance in particularly harsh environments and adverse conditions while at the same time guaranteeing the best possible aesthetic result.

Electrovam, in the context of continuous development and assurance of top quality, strictly adheres to international standards and has modern and fully equipped powder painting units that are the best guarantee for their application.

Qualideco Certificate for the Sublimation (Wood Imitation) Unit

After a successful inspection carried out at our company, the Aluminium Association of Greece awarded a New License of the Qualideco Certificate for the Sublimation (Wood Imitation) unit.

QUALIDECO is part of the QUALICOAT label for a specialized finish that can be applied to coated aluminum.

It is awarded to aluminum decoration units and certifies that the unit complies with the requirements of the QUALIDECO Technical Specifications.

Qualisteelcoat certification for the powder coating department of steel

For the first time Qualisteelcoat certification in Greece.

After the successful inspection carried out at our facilities, the Aluminium Association of Greece awarded for the first time, the internationally recognized Qualisteelcoat quality mark with license number E-1000 to the company for the steel powder coating unit, highlighting our philosophy of adherence to continuous development of quality services.

This certification ensures that in order to achieve the maximum quality result, the company Electrovam, not only uses certified raw materials but also meets all the requirements of the specifications in mechanical equipment and quality control procedures.

In order to maintain the Qualisteelcoat marker, Electrovam undergoes regular independent audits (at least 1 inspection per year and the corresponding laboratory tests) to demonstrate that our processes and customer service meet a number of key performance indicators. These include compliance with strict standards and technical specifications, a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our processes and continuous internal monitoring of quality standards as well as regular independent inspections.

The QUALISTEELCOAT E-1000 License Quality Mark covers the Corrosion classes:

  • up to C4-H for steel coating after mechanical+chemical treatment and 2 layers of powder coating and
  • up to C5-H for coating galvanized steel in heat after mechanical+chemical treatment and 2 layers of powder coating.


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  • iso14001
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